Sentimental Feeling, Art-A-Hack

Body Sculpture built to sit around the neck and hold LEDs is responsive to the EEG the performer is wearing. The glowing spheres on the screen represent the Sentiment Analysis API that is interpreting the text to speech.

The performer is asked a series of questions, the text to speech gathers the words and sends it to the sentiment analysis API, it then shows color data and size of the value and magnitude of the words. The EEG responsive sculpture responds real time as well to the electrical activity in the brain showing interest and value to the words being used. This allows for an observation of the tension between man and machine as well as assessing the accuracy of emotionally intelligent AI’s/Machine Learning to actual human expression.

  • Role As an artist I built the sculpture and coded the LED System. I also coded the EEG interpretive system. I assisted with the code for the sentiment API as well.
  • Date 2018